“Your 20s Are Meant for Exploring,” They Tell Me

Every passing day, I have less of an idea of what I’m doing. And you know, that’s fine. That’s completely fine. Having no idea what direction you’re taking in life isn’t inherently good or bad. Freaking out about it isn’t a horrible course of action albeit a cathartic and unproductive one. Maybe socioeconomically it might also be bad. But that’s beside the point because I don’t feel like going there right now. People who are far, far older than me — let’s say in their decrepit 30s — tell me how
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Simplify travel planning with Hound’s voice AI

Hound is an AI-powered voice assistant designed to help you stay productive. Planning some upcoming travel? Hound can help. Just use your voice! Research confirms that “U.S. travelers are interested in using voice for a multitude of travel-related tasks. More than half of travelers are comfortable requesting general information using a voice-powered digital assistant.” Here are some travel-related searches on Hound that are useful for vacation planning.